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Portrait Photo of Adam Lamine.
Hi. I'm Adam.

I am a multidisciplinary engineer from Vienna, Austria.

I specialize in creating immersive and interactive experiences.
This includes but is not limited to VR and AR applications.
My main focus currently lies on developing hardware that enables users to feel haptic feedback in VR.

Due to my previous work experience in the movie and radio industry I have developed a good understanding of audiovisual media and how it is perceived by the user.

Recent work
MIRAGE - AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE PROJECT LEAD, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Mirage is a multi-user puzzle game for up to 16 players. It was developed for the ARS Electronica Center in Linz, Austria and utilizes their real-time laser tracking system. LEARN MORE
C:UBE - TOUCH-CONTROLLED AUDIOVISUAL SCULPTURE SOLO PROJECT C:UBE interacts with observers by illuminating a UV-fluorescent chemical. It uses a custom-built touch panel and a hidden microphone to interact with users. WATCH DEMO ON YOUTUBE
VIRTUAL HAPTICS - VR INTERFACE SIMULATION PROTOTYPING, HARD- AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Virtual Haptics maps custom-built hardware interfaces into VR and makes it possible to accurately simulate industrial machines. Work in progress.