Immersive Engineering
Portrait Photo of Adam Lamine.
Hi. I'm Adam.

I am a multidisciplinary engineer from Vienna, Austria.

I specialize in creating immersive and interactive experiences.
This includes but is not limited to VR and AR applications.
My main focus currently lies on developing alternative interfaces and hardware that enables users to feel haptic feedback in VR.

Due to my previous work experience in the movie and radio industry I have developed a good understanding of audiovisual media and how it is perceived by the user.

Featured work
MIRAGE - AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE PROJECT LEAD, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Mirage is a collaborative puzzle game for up to 16 players. It was developed for the ARS Electronica Center in Linz, Austria and utilizes their real-time laser tracking system. LEARN MORE
C:UBE - TOUCH-CONTROLLED AUDIOVISUAL SCULPTURE SOLO PROJECT C:UBE interacts with observers by illuminating a UV-fluorescent chemical. It uses a custom-built touch panel and a hidden microphone to interact with users. WATCH DEMO ON YOUTUBE
VIRTUAL HAPTICS - VR INTERFACE SIMULATION PROTOTYPING, HARD- AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Virtual Haptics maps custom-built hardware interfaces into VR and makes it possible to accurately simulate industrial machines. Work in progress.
MECHANISM - MULTI-MEDIA ESCAPE ROOM PROJECT LEAD, HARD- AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Wall projections that double as touchscreens, a tablet that acts as an item scanner and a mysterious mechanical device that is connected to the game turn this escape room into a unique experience. LEARN MORE
Other Projects
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Solo Project GDPR-compliant website for music producer Cohen Yusha.
JavaScript Design PHP Wordpress
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Solo Project GDPR-compliant website for wine maker Gottfried Umschaid.
JavaScript Design PHP
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Solo Project GDPR-compliant website for goldsmith Robert Hittinger. Work in progress.
JavaScript Design PHP Wordpress Photography
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The Big Escape

Solo Project The Big Lebowski themed VR Escape Room.
VR Game Unity C#
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Epic Boss Fight

Project Management, Asset Creation, Development Battle your friends in this VR vs. Mobile Multiplayer Racing Game.
VR Unity C# Game Project Management
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Solo Project A bottle that tracks your alcohol consumption by weighing its contents.
Electronics C++
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Novak JS

Solo Project A chrome plugin that syncs the ATV video player between multiple web sessions.
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Backend Development Sports betting application within the Ethereum blockchain.
Solidity Blockchain
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Web Development, Design A simple mood tracking website.
JavaScript Design MySQL
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Web Development Website for the Vienna Institute for Strauss Research.
JavaScript Wordpress MySQL
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Solo Project Place art on a virtual museum wall or wander around and admire what others have left behind.
JavaScript MySQL
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Solo Project A selfmade thermostat that communicates with a webserver and controlls heating and AC in my shared flat.
JavaScript Electronics PHP MySQL
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Solo Project A web based mastering chain that lets you use your favourite audio plugins in the browser.
JavaScript MaxMSP Audio Java
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Im Neunvierteltakt

Ö1 Hörbilder - Co-Author, Audio Engineering A radio feature about the musician and artist Hans Tschiritsch. Photo: Tony Jäger
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Kafkas Gitterkäfig

Ö1 Hörbilder - Co-Author, Audio Engineering A radio feature about the musician and artist Otto Lechner. Photo: Doris Kittler